Startups Are Choosing Android Apps Developers To Target Customers

Android apps development

Starting up with a new business in India is like raising a baby – You need to take care of the smallest of things and grow it in years to come. And thus startups are the most troublesome and challenging business solutions today. With the limited funds and a creative idea it is the struggle to aim for the best and bring a change in the world. Continue reading


Looking For Android Apps Development Company in India


Android is one of the most advanced and useful operating system as compared to others in the market. It is a revolutionary operating system and now it is extremely difficult to think of smartphones without android. It has created a unique niche for itself which is unparallel for all users.

The ever-growing mobile industry in India is demanding of more and more android apps at affordable rates. The scenario of android apps development in India is full of new opportunities every day. There is a great demand of android apps in India for different uses. People choose Android from the time they got new internet connection to every time they are looking for an update.

The biggest feature of android operating system is its open-source platform coding. This feature enables developers to customize the codes, change or develop it as required. It enables manufacturers to distribute the apps to a wider customer base. It enables the users to download and install the codes freely from a wide variety of sources.

We understand the requirement and need of a good android app development company in India.Our apps are made up of best quality features and latest technology. Our apps are made up of the Android SDK platform to provide the best technical aspects and top quality apps. Our apps are full of exclusive features that make them advanced apps. These apps are extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. Our apps have unique features that are available at affordable rates. The apps have rich and interactive media experience.

Our android apps have served multiple businesses of different types and services. Our developers create custom android apps that cater to different types of businesses. If you want a unique app developed for your business, we will take into account your ideas, perceptions and visions and create a perfectly suited app for your business. Our developers and designers work in tandem with our clients to provide the best suited and unique app for your business. The apps industry is evolving day by day and various manufacturers are coming up with new and more improved solution to any problem with apps. We are taking into account a future scenario in the apps industry and help to solve any problem with new apps.

Our aim is to fulfill the needs of our clients through our apps. Whatever be your business needs, we can create a perfectly suited app to help you meet your business demands. We help you streamline your business objective with the best-quality apps. We offer the app development service at competitive rates. Our services are affordable and have received a large number of clients. We also provide a secure interface with our apps. You can be rest assured with our android application development to be completely secured and stable. They are built with Linux core which ensures complete security and stability.

Get a smoothly functioning android application for your business that is full of the latest and unique features and is completely secured.

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Trusted Android Application Development Company



Android has won millions of fans who can’t trade it for any other operating system. This operating system has been developed by Google and is used by many Smartphone manufacturers to power their system and sell their Smartphone devices at affordable prices.

Android app development company is in rage by businesses involved in mobile commerce industry. They are helping businesses reach global audience in a short span of time. The developers use their technical skills and expertise to create valuable experiences for end users. The android success story is fueled by the manufacturers of Smartphone’s and the love of consumers for android phones and apps.

If you’re looking for a reliable android application development company, Prasad Solutions is a reputed name you can trust for best android app development company. It’s has highly competent and professional developers for android application development. Our developers have all the required skills and desired expertise to provide the best quality android app development. Our professionals effectively communicate with business owners to understand their needs and requirements. Our team of developers and designers collaborate to provide a creative, interactive and technically sound application. We provide a great, easy to use and interesting application that is based on consumers’ preferences. Our customer service has helped us build a good reputation in the android application niche.

Here are some of the features of android application that has made it popular in the industry:

Multiple Stores for Open-Source Code


Today, manufacturers do not need to pre-install a Google app on any android device. All android based phones come equipped with the Google play store. Android is the only major mobile operating system that can enable multiple app stores for both global and regional preference. This is because of the open-source model of android application. Other closed mobile platforms have only one app store.

Affordable and Accessible to Developers and Consumers

The Google play store has made android apps more accessible and affordable to developers and as a result to the consumers. These features of android application have increased the competition in the mobile industry. It has brought forth a variety of apps and devices from people looking for an upgrade to people having their first connection to internet.

 Large Number of Apps for a Variety of Use


The unprecedented growth of android has led to creation of a large number of apps. There are around 1 million apps on just the Google Play Store. These apps are used for a variety of different purposes and utilities. There are apps from finding jobs, reading and finance to learning a new skill. If you want to learn a new language, you can find more than 200 apps that help in learning a new language. Among them more than 70 percent apps are free for downloading.

Customized Experience Though Pre-Installed Apps


The android application has a unique feature of customized experiences due to its open-source platform. Every manufacturer can provide a custom android experience through different devices by pre-installing apps in the device. These apps can include some Google apps and other popular non-Google apps too. The manufacturers have the freedom to decide which app they want to provide in their devices. Many manufacturers have pre-installed apps that directly compete with Google, such as Opera, Facebook and Microsoft.

Android App Development Solutions – Hire a Developer in Delhi Now

android application development

It’s not hard nut to crack to find the best Android app developers in Delhi. All you need to do is just consider the needs of your applications. Even a new Android phone can tell you which apps took aptitude and which were badly done without look upon on the end result. The best android app developers let go app after successful app, and all divide similar features. This term remains true whether the app is aimed on the way to the gaming population or to the sensible users who use their Android to make life simpler.

The Best Android App Developers:

  • Planning is Important. Before just a single line of code is written, the best Android app developers can respond the questions like: What is my target base? How will this app work out in the app market? Whether the app will be available free of cost or will be payable app? What would be the right charge that needs to collect by the user? These answers will help the developer to reach to the next level.
  • What will the app engage? Typesets and Graphics should be preferred, but first, the best app developer must think the whole app in question. He or she thinks it as a ended product and finalize where any gaps pose troubles to the user in terms of usability. Before he or she starts to really design the app, these troubles have been taken care of and the app starts to take shape.
  • Experience and professional app developers are willing to confess if they have made an error in any section of the planning phase, and they speedily fix it and go ahead with the next step. If a specific protocol isn’t appropriately working, they immediately distinguish the trouble and resolve it.

Hire android developer Delhi will be suitable as there is no lack of professional and experienced Android app developers.


Android Application Development India – Beneficial Mobile Operating System

android application development

It is never sufficient to know complete, this is particularly true when we are discuss about Android, an open source mobile operating system. Android application development provides huge possibilities to developers willing to create out of the box applications as well as games in the world of mobile. Continue reading

Why Android Application Development is the Way to Go!


While there are numerous application development platforms in the market, Android is one of the most popular of all. Businesses around the world are gearing up to create Android apps that will help them to connect with new audiences and generate more traffic and sales. But how come Android development is so advantageous for business owners when there are other options available Continue reading

Benefits Of Android App Development Solutions


Android is amongst the biggest mobile platforms in the market these days, several businesses are making their business apps on this platform. However there are still many who feel reluctant to go on Android mobile as they are not fully versed with the tremendous benefits it offers. In this post, we will be discussing all the major advantages this platform offers: Continue reading