Get Inspired by Gamers and Find Success on Google Play

prasad bussines from gaming

The way to success for freemium apps and games businesses is very similar. If you look at the history of gaming consoles and the behavior of users, one can easily conclude that users are more comfortable paying for games than for any kind of app. Another major contribution to this behavior is the offering of virtual goods available to users from the games, these kind of goods are available in various price brackets to suit all types of buyers. All this leads to the fact that the gaming developers have ample scope to understand and improvise the enrolling, converting and the Life tie value of the user. So an application developers can take lessons from the gaming developers. There are many Android Application Development in Delhi to stand apart one needs to work really hard. Listed below are some leaves from a gaming developer’s book which can be applied by the application developer for marketing and advertising of their own application.

Let us game it the gamer way

  • Optimize retention before investing in acquisition

In any given business optimization is the key ingredient. It is a known fact that 85% of the business is derived from repeat customers. Even for game developers retention is of utmost important. Not only does it drives business but it also is measuring stick for the quality and appeal of the players.

The first phase for any game launch would be a soft launch in communities known for beta testing or sample markets. In this phase changes are made to the game by analyzing the user behavior. The retention ratio by tracking the users on Cohorts reports in Google Analytic.

  • Retaining the users by engagement

The initial first week after the download and installation of any app is very important. Any user would try and download many apps but the destiny and life of that app is decided in the initial days of the usage. If the user is hooked up to the app in the initial phase that it will become a part of users lifestyle.

There are many application development companies in India and they have been developing apps every day to make your app success one needs retain its customer. Few of the easy ways to gently get the user to engage to the app is by explaining them what problem does this app intends to solve. While introducing the main features of the app a justification should be there as to why these features are important and their application in their life.

Moreover, the experience should be simple and the engagement should be quick rather than a long complex setup. There should be some personalized moments which would engage them like registration, video uploading or finding a friend on the app. The user should be able to derive value out of the product before paying for it; so trial pack would be a great idea to hook them on to the app. For analyzing the behavior of users on can understand the Flow Report in Google Analytic. This can aid the developers in analyzing the potholes and filling them up

  • Target the right offers to the right users

Fathom the different sections of user and their behavior while purchasing something. This is the key ingredient in devising the strategies. By classifying the users in age groups one can learn many valuable insights about its customer. The developer would be surprised to know that all age groups have different spending pattern and they can target and carter them accordingly.

  • Offer purchases in the application when users are more prone to buy

If one wants a user to spend, than the application developer has to show the user what value would he derive out of this expense and the whole experience of buying should be simple and smooth.

So with many Android application development companies in India for any company to stand out it has to retain its user and give them WOW factors to stay back with them. Android companies in Delhi NCR is having an over other because of their sheer geography and presence of multi-cultural accidence.


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