Ray Of Hope For Nexus 5X Users

Nexus 5x glitch bugs

One of start launches recently has been Nexus 5X. Due to its very slow performance, it has been castigated widely. Most of the Nexus 5X user have to get their phone re formatted and re booted every couple of days. The new security update from Google is a ray of hope to them. The android app development team at Google had been working on fixing the bugs. The latest android update from them has delivered the same.

The latest android update has fixed the problems and this will make the phone more stable in terms of connectivity and performance. The android application development team has fixed five critical issues, four crucial issues and a modest bug.


Following has been the android update released by android app development team at Google:-


The biggest game changer for any phone is it performance in terms of speed. If the phone responds at a slower pace than expected it is the biggest turn off for the phone. The android app development team at Google has worked upon it and has rectified the mistake.

Nowadays, one of most daily use of the phone is it alarm clock functionality. The “Until Next Alarm” function of Android’s Do Not Disturb mode to disappear. This is creating trouble for the users.


Earlier there was problems in Bluetooth and wifi connectivity. Either devices would not get connected or if they did they would waver of the speed. The Android update on the same has led to improved functionality resulting better connectivity and speed.

There were some Carrier specific issues, which the Android App Development team has sorted. This has made the 5X a more buyable option now.


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