Android Application Development and Why It Is the Call of the Future

Android App Development Company
Android application development has been through a lot of important changes. As developers take into understanding the possibilities of this very platform and what can be achieved from it, there are a few important things that one needs to take into account.Android Application Development is the new call of the future for developer geeks and tech explorers. A lot of times we have witnessed the undying passion of developers to create marvels out of this very versatile platform. However, there are still some indifferences owing to the fact that ignorance still hangs around the corner which makes developers fail in getting the maximum out of Android. Here are three basic things that every starting developers working with android should be aware of:

Android Application Development

  • That Android is An Open Source Platform – The best part of working with Android is that it is an open source platform which means one can give shape to their own API’s.
  • The Core of Android Rests on Java– Undoubtedly, Java is one of the most flexible and highly versatile programming languages in the world. As for Android, Java built the core for this very platform and hence if you are a mainstream java application developer, the jump to Android app development would be easier.
  • Multiple Versions Of Os For Apps In A Row –Smartphones after being launched in the market has to go through a waiting stage where they await the release of latest updates for firmware versions. Hence, this might be a little problem at the users end. With Android, one can have at least three different versions for the operating system. In other words, the apps installed in the phone shall run without any hindrance even if the firmware is not updated.

Sped and Consistency

Apart from the three standout features that we have discussed earlier, it is also worthwhile to know that an Android App development company banks on creating private API’s. In other words, it increases the speed of the apps that are being downloaded and run by the users on their smartphones.



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